Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery features some of the finest prepared fossil fish specimens ever found. Fish fossils from Ulrich’s Quarry reside in museums worldwide, yet they are also available to the public for sale, in fossil preparation kit form, or as a dig-for-your-own adventure with a member of our staff. For more information, please contact Carl or Shirley Ulrich at the Fossil Gallery.

Available framed and unframed. We carry an extensive selection of Green River formation fish species in a wide range of sizes and pricing. New items are always being offered for sale.

While fossil fish specimens are the most common, we also recover plant life and other vertebrate and nonvertebrate specimens. Our selection is quite extensive and unique—one of the best in the world!

For the student, hobbyist, or interested individual. Our kits include all materials and tools needed, clear directions for specimen preparation, and brief background information on the specimen itself.

Suitable for all ages (except small children) our quarry digs are exciting and rewarding. There is nothing that quite compares with the thrill of uncovering a 60 million year old fossil!