A Unique and Rewarding Experience!

Our experienced staff will make your quarry trip a great success.

Because our quarries are at 7200 feet in elevation, quarrying does not begin until June.

Advance reservations must be made, as we have one of our staff with you at all times.

We furnish all tools, and other equipment necessary for excavating, including transportation from the Fossil Gallery to quarry.

You provide your personal amenities such as camera, glasses, and etc. . . also a mid-morning snack should you desire.

We quarry seven days a week, weather permitting leaving from the Fossil Gallery, at 9:00 a.m. unless special arrangements are made. The total length of the trip is about 3 hours.

You are allowed to recover 6 - 8 complete fish which you can easily do in the time allotted.

We suggest that layers of clothes are worn as it can be quite cool in the early morning, then turn very warm before we return.

We highly recommend wearing sunglasses, as the glare on the top of the mountain can be severe.

A $90.00 fee allows you to collect all common specimens except those designated as rare and unusual by the State of Wyoming to include stingrays, garfish, birds, all mammals, etc. You would be allowed any and all sizes of Mioplosus, Phareodus, Priscacara, Knightia, Diplomystus, Notogoneus.

The fee also includes having your material cut (squared) by our staff on your return from the quarry. Packing material is provided.

Shipping Arrangements Available!

An activity for the whole family to enjoy!